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Rolling Curtains

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The rolling of the curtains,
Shimmering silvery black,
In an instant woke me up,
Stretched the curves in one, two, three.

A backbone bent unbroken,
A detour along the way,
A chosen path of loving,
Walking slowly in four, five, six.

Then the curtains rolled again,
My last piece of hope awaits,
Body laid and tied on the bed,
Pushed and pulled in seven, eight, nine.

Patiently watching the...

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Around the Cirrus and Nimbostratus

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Scoliosis – Abnormal lateral curvature of the spine – From the Greek Skolios

The angel used to dance high above
from down here
I gleefully watched her run rings
around  the Cirrus and Nimbostratus
through long daylight and short moonlight
only touching the soil with her feet to make sure we were still safe and warm

Watching her stumble was an unnerving sight
the snag of a razor thin wi...

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Inside her closet are the remains of a broken umbrella with the materials in cinders.


Her skin cloak is draped over a spindley coat stand,

most people name it a spine,

most people's are strong,


They carry the puppet as if a master holding strings...


But sometimes autum's trees fall down

without reason

because nature is flawed.


Sometimes a stem ca...

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