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What I want

He asked me what I want 

out of life 

I suppose I want what every animal does 

 sweet sex from handsome strangers 

To hunt 

To feed 

To outcompete 

Not to fall into famine or greed 

To plant the seed

To fly higher 

To run faster 

To move mountains 

I want to be the beast that’s never tamed

Unbridled energy explodes from my veins 

They will say this creatur...

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Beyond these indifferent walls

lies a second carapace,

pierced by small, green eyes

in a shimmering face.

It is not my own,

but lies are truths for actors;

they bandage wounds

when the liars rebel

while fleeing, open-mouthed,

from their savage selves.


Christopher Hubbard

Perth 2016

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