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Love to those who put us first
Who give up their food to feed less nourished
Give up their seat for others when their own legs are tired
They listen to problems when their own lives feel broken
Their own woes unspoken
The understated rewards with repent ..such a selfless act
Leaves the essence of however big the problem the universe has your back
This alone is a key to a world of lesser str...

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Unbearable Anguish.

I'm torn with regret
I can't just repent
I look in the mirror and see a face I resent

I dug myself in a hole of lies
All my sins, I'm crucified
Hang me, leave me stuck in time
Kill me, let me meet demise

Suffocating, no more breathing
There's no way to start this healing
Like telling a clepto to stop stealing
Spewing words with no meaning

Help me, drowning, no life support
No get...

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