Unbearable Anguish.

I'm torn with regret
I can't just repent
I look in the mirror and see a face I resent

I dug myself in a hole of lies
All my sins, I'm crucified
Hang me, leave me stuck in time
Kill me, let me meet demise

Suffocating, no more breathing
There's no way to start this healing
Like telling a clepto to stop stealing
Spewing words with no meaning

Help me, drowning, no life support
No getting better, nothing to report
I'm reaching my last resort
End all missions, time to abort

I'm torn with regret
I can't just repent
I look in the mirror and see a face I resent

Life it can suck, I just lay in my bed
I replay mistakes that are in my head
Somedays I just wish I were dead
I think i'll just finish this whiskey instead

Help me, pleading, save my life
I don't want to be another sacrifice
Will I see you in the afterlife?
I don't think I have very much time

I can't say that I understand
What it takes for me to be a man
Instead of burying my head in the sand
Think I'll take a sip off my nightstand

Fuck this regret
Fuck your repent
Fuck this reflection, I'll always resent


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Wed 2nd Jan 2019 08:56

I am going to tell you something that you need to take onboard

You are a misfit!

You don't realise how beautiful you are.
You don't realise how insightful your poetry is my friend!

Don't 'just' write it....

'Read the message.'

Read the soul who knows he does not belong in that self mad hell and is now rapidly rising above it

Look down.... that's where you were
you don't fit in there anymore.

You are your own devil
You are your own God
You fashioned the path your footsteps have trod

You have wings friend.... you just merely have to unfold them...

HERE! Not on some ethereal plan of existence.

Plenty of time for that later


Big Sal

Fri 16th Nov 2018 12:50

Good use of rhyme.?

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