I Lost

Lost my way in the sun,
got lost in my oblivion,
wandered through the maze
inside my brain
found my way
back again.

I broke the wires
back there,
but I make them pure,
gold like a river
I flow.

I let it go,
my hope

My yellow brick road
will take me home
to the silver blue,
my pure, my sweet,
my golden fire moon.

I fell in lust,
the ego owned me,
hope on rope
controlled me.
I fell in love,
I let go,
a waterfall, a river, a road.

Untold I go,
I go alone,
I go into the night.
The raven comes each morning
with the light
to tell me the story
of the owl in flight.

I crossed some lines.
I crossed some more.
Double fours.
Triples eights.
No more hate.
I settled all my debts.

I scored, I scored.

Once upon a time,
I was going to fly
but I got burned.
I broke my wings.
I caged in shame.
I paid my karma right
every night
I prayed
on my knees
to find my light,
my lost path,
my forest green.

I saw a sign in the sky,
a blue light
in my minds eye,
keeps me safe
in purple grace.

Green brings the change.

The tree it was
that set me free,
the rainbow
that showed the way.

I'll meet you there
in the gold light


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Suzi Challenger

Sat 8th Oct 2016 22:08

This poem has a great rhythm, I really enjoyed reading it 'aloud' in my head iyswim.

I've been reading a lot of Clark Ashton Smith lately and your imagery is quite reminiscent of his, a sort of timeless fantasy feel. Like it a lot.

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