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Good day

Ill be ok today,
so long as im prepared,
so long as the weather's right
and traffic's nice and clear.

Ill be ok if everyone
i see is ok too,
if they do what i think's right,
they won't affect my mood,

Ill be ok if they hold the door,
say thank you when i do,
talk to me when i dont mind
and silent when i do

Ill be ok just as long as everything's my way.
Now that that is clear, pl...

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not okayokay

Organic Brain Syndrome.

I don't like my brain today.
It's bringing me down,
In more than one way.
It doesn't really matter
What anyone will say.

I really don't know why,
I always feel this way.
When it starts to get cold,
And the sky turns grey.

I don't want to be here today.
I tell my co-worker,
As he slowly walks away.
He agrees with me,
But knows not what I say

Please beg me to stay.
I need to fee...

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Brainnot okaydowngreydepressed

"Are You Okay?"

Who am I?

Who are you?

Who are we?





I don't know who I am.

I don't know who you are.

I don't know who we are.




Am I me?

Am I you?

Am I we, us, them?

Them too.

Too many thoughts whirling in my mind.

Mind’s infected.

Infections of madness consuming me.





I thought I knew who I was.

I t...

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