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Manchester Lass )

published in STANZAS AND CLAUSES FOR THE CAUSES on Brine Books Publishing. also published was my poem Neda. a slightly different version is in my and Andy N's new anti war poem book EUROPA...   Manchester Lass


She was just a Manchester lass who's fate spun thru the years and affected everybody present.                                                                                   ...

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andy n bookanti war poemsbook projectnick armbristerstanzas and clauses for the causes

my new anti war book with andy n out now poem and link


Train Trip




I'm sat idly on the train, going to Manchester, having a beer.                                                

I see a poster on the wall of a cop, safety.                                                                        ...

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nick armbristerandy nanti war bookpoemshistorypeopletrue events

neda poem from our new book...

Europa – in the dark valley
between the world wars

Out of the total darkness came a light brighter than infinite suns...
Poetry on women (and men) in conflict...

Nick armbrister


Andy N


You died in protest in Iran. Āghā-Soltān age 26. Your death caught on camera. In the wrong place at the wrong time. Sent aroun...

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anti warnedanew booknick armbristerandy n

She Defeated Death

She Defeated Death
She should have left the city when the chance was there.                                                                                       
Before the Nazis came, closing the noose.                                                                                                      
She has so many regrets, except on her actions.                                ...

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new book projectanti war poemsnick armbristerandy nconflictpeople

poems from my new book...

Suicide Room

There's a room where people go to do something beautiful and special.

They go there to commit suicide.

I caught a glimpse of it in a vision after a vodka night when Emma had forsaken me.

The white wood walls are blood splattered.

Daylight comes thru gaps in a boarded up window by a corner.

A small curved potato peeler knife is what everyone uses.

Such a wicked an...

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wow tattoo my butt booknick armbristernew book

poem out of my new book and link new ebook

Dandom Randomness....

What else will I see out of my story?....

I've seen a guy blown away.....

Where's my guinea pig?....

In the boarded up pub in the fog.....

Your film is so yesterday,....

full of sex and violence.....

One foot...

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varied line poemnew booknick armbrister


By Nick Armbrister
Zoos Comet
Her empty lies mean more than all the halls of silence.
We've been shafted, double penetrations are the worst.
Are they excited at where they'll wake up after committing suicide?
No more shit.
Metallic grey sparks on metal elements realigning.

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new poem booknick armbristeradult topicspoetry

It’s August... (by Mel)

It’s August... (by Mel)
Its August
When the wind blows
My hair, my smile off my face, my eyes full of sand
And my dress comes flying over my head,
I stand
In the middle of the race
Of dust coming from all over the place.
Its Misery
When the wind knocks
On the door, opens it without invitation
And enters without hesitation
My mood overflows w...

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mel groblernick armbristerpoetryjoint book

poems from my new book THE RANTINGS OF A DAMAGED MIND co wrote with Mel...


out on amazon now... by Nick Armbrister and Mel Grobler   “Sir. They Hit the Wrong Town”

Ruth was concerned. Spitfire recon photos were the problem. Not the quality but something else. The target, it was wrong. Its street plan was different. Buildings, or what were once buildings, were different. What was wrong? Ruth thought. Do what thy will be the whole of the law. Do it rig...

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new poem booknick armbristermel grobler2013 release

my new poem book co written with Mel Grobler

new epub version of Mel and my new poem book... normal book



Heartbreak (by Mel)                                                                                                                    

Why, why ...

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nick armbristermel groblerpoetryjoint projectwritingnew 2013 book

my new book is out here

this is the real world book version, ive done an ebook with different cover. if you buy this i can get more tattoos and beer lol.

if you want a copy of the ebook email me at and ill send it you. some of my ...

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new booknick armbristerother bookstattoosneed new art/ink

my FREE poem book download is here if you want it

I've put together most of my poems from my 15year career 1996-2011 in a FREE download in ebook form. See what you think. My work is on many topics and views lol. Nick.

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freedownloadnick armbristerpoemsebook

POEM i read at blouse gig, not a tit insight lol

manchester band blouse did gig in hare n hounds pub uppermill 11/9/11 i did this poem before their set, i filmed it but my vid camera is a cunt and has no sound on it. whos the tit lol. look up gothicpoodle on youtube for the vid. im not posting tue link as its fucked. simple as. fuck it. better using the camera on my damn fone next time...


I saw something in the sky out beyon...

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titsblousewobbly fleshnick armbristerpoem

poems from my complete 15yr poem collection (free download for a bit)

this book is a huge 600pages of mad rampaging stunning poems by nick armbrister, 15yr of work 1996-2011 as hard copy for sale and free download, go get it lol for a short time. a real door stoppers lol.




Scotland, beautiful land, land of the sky, clouds

hugging your m...

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poetrynick armbristerfree download15 yearscollectionwriting

poem i read live at blouse band gig opening for them




Rising higher and higher the warplane climbs

through the hazy sky, sun reflecting off the distant water

far below through a gap in the clouds.

Missiles hang under delta wings

ready for instant launch when an enemy

is spotted across the distant sky.

An inhuman machine with the looks of a goddess


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poemnick armbristerliveblousejackson's pitoldham

poems i read at Scribble Fest, Rochdale July 2011


Born out of diverging needs and used in battle, American airframe and English Merlin engine creating a machine quite unlike any other. At home six miles above the earth protecting silver lumbering B-17s from murderous Nazi fighters, down on the deck filling the krauts full of lead, don’t tell me that never felt good!

Flying and rolling up into the blue, six fifty cals gunning Ge...

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nick armbristerscribble festrochdale

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