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Heartbreak (by Mel)                                                                                                                    

Why, why are you doing
This to me?
Don't you realise how
This is hurting me.
I seemed to mean
Everything to you,
But now I'm nothing...
All seems forgotten what we
Meant to each other.
Did you just fake it?
Were you just using me?
Or did I mean something to you?

Now I will never know.
You broke my heart,
You broke my trust.
My faith in love is lost.
Once again, I'm broken,
Because of you.

How could I have allowed
You back into my life?
Was I lonely? Was I vulnerable?
No! I was Stupid!
Well never again.
I won't allow you to
Hurt me again.

Goodbye My Love, and
Goodbye To Love...




Evil Done

It took thirty years for justice to start.

It proves two things: evil men can live with no conscience to their deeds 

and that fate brings justice to the guilty after nearly half a lifetime.

What did they do?




In a way that was almost poetical.

Throwing drugged prisoners out of planes,

to die in the ocean hundreds of miles from land.

As one pilot told relatives of The Disappeared:


'Their drugged bodies fell to the ocean like little ants.'


His words told of such merciless evil.

No one has ever murdered quite like that.


Not even Nazis.


After all fuel costs money,

pilots can be used for more important missions like moving soldiers and transport planes use up flight hours.

I guess in Argentina none of that mattered.

Now eight pilots face justice for their role The Dirty War.


Let justice finally be done. 

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