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no ruin can come to me

my status is fully secure

parameters are normal

air-supply made secure


warm feelings suffusing

my body and its pain

voices echo far away

fever roasts my brain


images memories of old

before me life's flashing

re-living old times amid

a future thats crashing


all I have is in thoughts

vegetable activity level

limbs still ...

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Oiling My Machinery

Never mind that romantic tosh

Love is nothing but a machine

Ignition is always the easy bit

It's not so easy to keep it clean


Spark plugs and pistons age

As we ride in country scenery

Remember water and tyres, but

Above all, oiling my machinery


Cylinders and connecting rods

Insist upon repeated lubrication

Keep handy your four-stroke oil

Available at the ...

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steam asylum

steam asylum

clockwork heart
beats and whirs
scalpel fingers
titanium spurs
tiffany lenses
rainbow eyes
steaming valves
sulphur skies

arabesque is brittle
she collects his spittle
in bell jars of ancient glass
sealed with valves of brass
he reciprocates
storing her tears of hate
in little silvers vials
that power system dials

lubricated slick
old joints rust
creaking slowl...

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