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my frail hands reach for you,

my heart possibly reaching too.

you are my felicity, 

the feelings you strike inside me stronger than electricity.

I truly do love you,

but I'm scared you won't stay true. 

nevertheless, I still want us to have a everlasting rendezvous.

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Silver Light

I see the blue purple
when I look 
into the blue green.
I see it crystal, 
pure and true
and my feeling 
comes in like a flood,
pure white 
unconditional love.
A bond for life, 
no matter the strife.

She’s an angel in my mind,
queen of my wonderland,
captain of my ship 
and my stormy sea 
she does command.
She’s a shining star 
in no man’s land.
She brings to me 
the sweetest ...

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Unsaid you, Unheard Me

Look its cloudy, its rain!!
Wish this drops could see
Our footsie on that bench
Sea-shore is waiting for....
The unsaid you, the unheard me

Ice were that hugs
Or u embraced me really?
Togetherness in the crowd
From that space, erased are we??
Lonely road is searching for...
The unsaid you, the unheard me

U moved on so early
Or Too much!! I held on?
Guess, Love left us!!
Life is...

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love longing distance

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