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Carrying around two vinyl records

In a plastic case just four inch long

And half an inch wide

How good would that be?



at a hi-tech record player

that lets you copy the sounds you hear

and with the subtle use of ‘PAUSE’

transfer onto a compilation tape.



Moving from format to format

The highlights of a dozen albums


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Those love letters from the seventies

I could not bear to read again

and could not bear to throw


Those airmail forms

those tortured lonely twelve page laments

that I read and read so many times

in my cabin off Cape Town,

in Melbourne and Sydney:

So many words

So  much love


But in the end

They were just ash

And I scattered them


Ashes to her ashe...

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Walk With me At A Distance

My Love,


Wanting to be nearer to you

I am writing you

That we might walk at a distance


It is my request

That each word on the page might hold you

(As I have held you)

I write them longing to be in your hold (your occupation)

Where we might breathe a placited, beautiful sigh - or two


Carefully I commission each word to the page

That they might be the ar...

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Waiting For Miss Write

Waiting For Miss Write.


“I like you”, I said,

without the need for thumbs pointing to the sky.

She smiled, a beautiful smile.

Her face unlike a circle with U lips.


We parted on a kiss

that had nothing to do with sex or X.

Promising that we’d talk again

later in the week.


The phone box on the corner

wasn’t mobile - so I was.

I walked ...

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