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From up on the poppy hill

Up on poppy hill they say, where no animal makes a sound.
No children wander off to play, just poppies all around.

If I recall between you and I, In that bright red field of flowers.
Like a crimson wave, a scarlet sea, hides stories full of powers.

For it was up on poppy hill, you know, in the red fields there yonder.
Where you might see the lonely widow, as she often starts to wander.


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Difference between mundane and heavenly

I wrote a poem you'll never read
I'll sing a song you'll never hear
As the pictures on the wall starts to fade
As the dust invades the picture frames
And the seasons come and passed outside my window pane
I still hadn't learned a thing
Time passess as quickly as the clouds crossing from the endless of skies
Your name resonates in the eternal soul of mine
A mundane thing to do is to cry
A ...

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Memory of water


Memory of water

Do you know that water has a memory?

Like my memory of you from our time together.

Across the years what is ours will endure.

No one and nothing can ever steal that or erase what is real.

It started when we met in the place of many people.

Why did we notice one another?

What act of fate brought you to my heart?

There for eternity and a day.


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