Memory of water


Memory of water

Do you know that water has a memory?

Like my memory of you from our time together.

Across the years what is ours will endure.

No one and nothing can ever steal that or erase what is real.

It started when we met in the place of many people.

Why did we notice one another?

What act of fate brought you to my heart?

There for eternity and a day.

Do you know the answer my happy angel?

Are you water and I the solution dissolved in you?

Shaken vigorously and imprinted upon the very molecular structure.

Invisible but there, as real like our love.

Mysterious and exotic, mystical and erotic.

Imagine making love in a summertime stream.

Your hair all loose and wild, raven and cleansed by our river of love.

Enduring for time because we are time.

We are love, we are water, the memory of water.

Always eternal and deeply hidden, visible only to us.

You my queen, my lover, my friend, my wife, my soulmate.

My lady of water, forever flowing.

Forever water, forever love.

So much more than memories.

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