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Shadow Dancing

In the shadow of sleeping Kings, 

soldiers, and poets, 

comes another battlefield day,

man against man, invisible wars,

hell’s fury unleashed among trees. 

Yet, upon the rocky shore,

angels dance and sing,

reminding us there is something more

than misery.

Beauty glints among broken things. 

Hope is on the horizon. 

So on these solemn days, 

let us find something...

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Turning Darkness to Light (for Leonard Cohen)

Broken, turning to the arm of the record player

resting down the crackling voice

telling you what you have just been through

and will do again, and you are not alone.


And the words seep in like a porous sponge

just wanting to be healed and protected


and you carry his armour

of a trilby hat

not so fitting suit

a smile that would fit perfectly on a child


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I Heard A Man Sing

I heard a man sing

his guitar bleak

… apocalyptic

his voice was an empty room


only you have the décor

of engaging shades


I heard a man sing

he was the wrong Canadian

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Songs From The Womb

Through my life I’ve collected voices
maybe twice a decade a new singer comes to me
and I can’t let it pass by
without holding tight

Through the years certain songs seem magnetic, somehow
whole albums written in a style I know too well
for it to be coincidence
and I have to hold it close

When Joni sings of ‘skating away’
something jumped out of the speakers
and Leonard says a ‘highwa...

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Closing Time (For Leonard Cohen)

Tonight as I lay
Myself to troubled sleep
I shall shed such tears
Not of profound sorrow
But of exalted joy
For the oneness of your poetry
For the wisdom of your words
Written and spoken from your heart

For your sights unseen
For your songs unheard
For your tastes untraveled

Tonight as I lay
Myself to troubled sleep
I shall dream such dreams
Where Jesus takes me down to The River

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You're My Man

O! Tell me again my teacher
hungrily, I listen to your story
ravenous, by candlelight 
call it out in a sooty street

Make your incisions with deep insight
the surgeon stillness of those deft hands
wisdoms draped in laurel leaves
infinite movement, sweet inertia

Shower me, my master
my naivety gladly surrenders
in the wake of your delivery
O Len, sing for me
some story I can dismant...

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