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Stuck in the mud, no seriously, 

I mean literally and not figuratively – it's a conspiracy. 

Because I’m in a rush, but I'm so stuck I can’t even push. 

And my stress levels are on the move, they’re rising, 

I’m watching the clock and it’s hypnotising. 

Too long I've been vexed by this impertinent voice! 

Incessantly chatting into the night with his noise. 

As I sit wide awake...

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I know I’m frustrated.

I know I’m angry.

I don’t know why.

I know what to do

To try to quell it,

But for one reason

I don’t want to let it go.


I surround myself with

Loud noises and angry voices

Ride a wave of my own

Feather spitting.

And still I don’t know why,

I just am.


A vigorous scribble scratched

Inside my skull,

No end to pull at.


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Angerfrustrateddestructive emotions

Dont Stop

To long we focused on getting here now you want to take your time

No lets take it off now put your problems on the floor let our bodies go to war some how when you lay next to 

 My body reaches its exctasy I feel pleasure in the way w eundress and stare into each others vanity.. you see my vulnerablities and make my mind go weak

But thats not enough lay down let my warmth envelope yours a...

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