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A Victim’s card

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Nothing is parallel or can be paralleled

Even when it is compounded, and expounded inside

It rages loud but gently in rib cages,

Behind hushing skinny fingers

Its beauty is too great, its beauty belongs to us

The formers, the creators of this place

We are the damned, we were the great


Oh the facade, it is all a facade they mimic the art

But can you take the cut, bleed ...

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Put an obstacle in front of me and I’ll climb over it,

weigh me down with shoes of lead, I’ll run away ever so fast.

Cut my wings and I’ll steal a plane to fly to freedom,

you halt my progress, jealous of my success.

It causes me strife and pain though I don’t show it,

I know I’ll triumph at the end of the road, achieving my dreams

of lifelong succes...

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