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not many there today to see him go

curtain opens up and away he slides

soon its back to scissors and comb

my specialty is short back and sides


increasingly I'm tempted by necks

a cut-throat razor in my right hand

so vulnerable with arteries bulging

I cannot expect you to understand


yet I'm no modern sweeney todd

its doing the embalming at night

the danger of...

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Brimstone Heart

you say I'll get what's coming to me

that I'll pay for making your life hell

one day I'll be on the receiving end

when hot flames I no longer quell


there's a smouldering hell in every heart

waiting its moment to rise up and burn

it lurks beneath the smiles and glances

you're lucky if you don't get your turn


yet I never meant to make you suffer

I'm no saint but ...

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brimstone heartflamessmoulderfireinfernocauldronsmoke


on the roof hawk chicks

secure at


floors high

nestle their mother

under bright sun


the male soar

free to hunt,

enquiring amber eyes seeing

colours we can't



disturb the

eyrie no

screams ascend or

smoke black as

seventy-one funerals

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safehawkcolourstwenty three floorsflameseyriescreamssmoke


I drenched myself in kerosene. You struck the match against my heart and watched me go up in flames.


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Fire is so beautiful in its own deadly way.

A diverse visual cacophony of colours

all thrown together, each a different

element back in its base gas. Chemical release.

Thick dense smoke curls upwards,

forming a choking cloud which glows

blood red from the wicked flames.

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