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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #35 {I Will Not Live In Fear}

{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #35} {I Will Not Live In Fear} 



Once upon a time

from my past I

once lived in fear

because of a situation

with an exrelationship

gone wrong because

this man became

insanely crazy over

me `n` he took it to

the point of calling

me day `n` night then

stalking me `n` showing

up in the dead of the

night trying to bre...

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Conceit And Vanity Quote #3

{Conceit And Vanity Quote #3}



That old 


think's that 

the ⛅ sun

comes up 

just to hear 

him crow 







©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover originally written on August 3,2016 but posting here on 12/03/2017 all rights reserved


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Three thirty-three

Just a bit of background to this blog entry.  For 4 years I suffered with Chronic Cluster Headaches. Also called Suicide Headaches, these have been termed the worse pain known to man.  I don't know if that is right or not but I do know of the devastating effect they had upon my own life and that of my friends and family.

I'm now fitted with a neurostimulator that works and stops the headach...

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