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Bob War (Ode to Humane Farming)

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I was an adult before I realized that barbed wire is not called Bob War, because that was how my grandfather pronounced it, and he happened to be the person who mentioned it to me most often, as he was the person who would always tell us kids that we needed to help repair the fence. Some concerned neighbour would call to tell him some of the cows were out, and he’d tell us to grab some Bob War and...

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Night of fear, no not really


Waking up this morning

Almost middle of the night

Waiting for the birdsong

Or alarm clock to put me right


Stressful head upon the bed

Pillow jumped to the carpet sea

Thoughts of panic and despair

Get dragged out of memory


Latent fear in the troubled gut

Sings inharmoniously loud

For what is my pain of fear?

Rises single notion from t...

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