Disambiguate Entropy

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Is it the inversive originating law of nature?

Or is this is a man-made alteration,

That in which our fascination we developed,

As if persons were walking around the confused universe,

Or that was the reason that the world was created,

Because of that, it has now been made to become explosive,

And all of that elusion wants to go away now towards unending disharmony,

That all-world defecations going away from us,

And despite this, although we did not wanted this to happen,

Off to our own concerns too are not able to be gathered anymore,

In the midst of our own slender visible identity,

And we are just not as sure as how far is our significance,

It may all go away or may reunite somewhere,

And even after not wanting of ours,

Either in the scarce or abundance of our own wants,

Our partners, kins and kiths, together with all the world,

Are willing to say goodbye, in the end to each of us,

And in this world going beyond of our understanding,

Everything will go away as we have just confronted,

To remain seeing in what this has happened to !

Is it the inversive originating law of nature?

#entropy #sparklaw #zeeman

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Kusumakar Chandra Pant

Tue 23rd May 2017 17:49

Any comments on this???

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