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Raw eggs

I tried beautiful,

I tried pristine,

I was no good at it

I’m not neat within

I’m not “clean”

Even externally, I cannot master

Clearing every bit of clutter

I’m raw, like an egg

It’s not pretty to have a cracked head

But if I don’t

I’m practically dead

As inanimate and detached as my wooden bed

To be raw is




But it’s rich with fee...

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Behold the outings of emotions

effusive chatterings

the often spoken misgivings,

disagreements and growlings.

Toddlers' tantrums tripping

so swiftly off the tongue.

Displays of love and affection,

sullen man walks a distance

behind wife and progeny

hands in pockets,

boredom in neon lights shines

all too brightly from his face.

Parents hanging onto their kids,


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Lonely Devil

I hear you screaming at me 

Haunting my good dreams 

While snuggling deep into my bad ones

If i ever had one 

I dont believe in dancing with the devil cause he got two left feet

Why dance for him when he could dance for me 

Play puppet with the weak minded 

Manipulation of the strong wheeled 

Till they roll down a hill 

Offering no brakes or breaks for that deal

You w...

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