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The VIP Fast Lane

Hello Michael, Michelle here, are you free?

I understand you need a hand with Covid PPE

We’ve got factories in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Laos

And if you help us get the contract

We can build a nice new house


It isn’t complicated, just a straightforward import shipment

For the rapid expedition of personal protective equipment 

The kind of gear you need - masks and gowns an...

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new year

Another New Year’s Morning.

Smoked and smooth-whisky aged brain with a stab in the right temple.

Start as you mean to go on.


The primary glee of proverbial blank slates fresh starts new year new me           (new you, hopefully)

Rubbing my hands together and over the smooth cream pages of 2021

Ready to splatter in powder paint blue red yellow black pink pink pink..


A Ne...

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Britannia Waives The Rules

Britannia Waives The Rules


Rule Britannia?

Britannia waives the rules

Encourages returning to the pubs

Puts students back in schools

One rule for the inebriated

One to avoid uneducated fools

The slavering wolf of commerce

Rolls its bloodshot eyes and drools


Britain’s never, never, never

Shall be slaves?

Burying its vulnerable

In Covid-shallow graves


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