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I could have been in a trench

looking up at tanks passing

their underbellies squatting


so it was the day the clouds came

tumbling fusing in great clumps of air

boisterous blustering

towards a thin horizon

      with a hatred of the light.


I pleaded with them,     finally

they promised not to come back

      that night.


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clouds and weather

The Gipsy Clouds

By: Ali Taha Alnobani
My sweetheart who left me before a year
Today was very near
I saw her when I was drunk
In my cup
And also in my fear
I wished to tell her about the muddy way
Over there, at the crazy row of thoughts
Inside the dream of the sea
That got bored of futile boats
I tried to call her
But she couldn't hear
And the life reared to me i...

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Gothic storm across the heavens, splitting

the sky in two creating a rip in the fabric

of the sky into which the earth will fall,

doomed and dead into the abyss of time

forever more. We are the generation of the damned,

condemned to be this for the rest of our lives

until we die, by our own hand

or that of Old Father Time or of our enemie...

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