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Best Friends

A best friend is always there

one who truly cares

help you when you’re feeling down

make you laugh remove that frown

give support cus you can’t play sports

show the way from a tiring day

a best friend is ready helping steady

to that very end

on to the next they will surely send me

even if it offends me

looking out when I can’t decide

whether to stand or to hide


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Thoughts To The Universe In My Moment Of Hurt.

Oh bless me Universe  & make me a perfect picture of your art.

Make me as pure as a newborn as I was from the start.

For they left me alone afraid in the dark.

They threw in the ocean to swim with the sharks.

And they laughed as I was ripped apart.

Actuality/Reality ripped away my heart.

I hold my self accountable & it was fifty percent my fault.

And the "Angel Of Death" came ...

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I didn't tell you my feelings,

Looking for sympathy.

I know you've read stories

And have friends just like me.

So, I'll hear every word

And nod respectfully.

But, what I really needed

Is something that you can not see.

Open your mind, unguard your heart

And listen attentively.

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Save me!

Please save me from this nightmare
I can't bear to keep on going this way.
I didn't know that this world could be so cruel.

I had tried repeatedly
to make it all ceased
but had failed every time.
I had tried to talk to one
but no one seemed to cared enough
to listen of what I had to say.
I had tried it all over and over again
but nothing changed.

Please save me from all the pain

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