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Four hundered ninety


As it sounds sad
For a reason
I can't understand
Even after I extended them
A helping hand
Also a good Samaritan
I shook off their dust
And pulled them up
From the sand,
There are people
Who do  me
Things bad
"Do good to s/he
Who did  you
Things bad!"
On its head stand.

But up on
A bit reflection
Something bubbles up
To my attention
Despite His

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What a life, running on twin rigid train tracks going to a certain point

but how easy it is to come off then end up hurt!

You see, this is life and we are all in it together coping how we can to do our bit.

I do things differently than you. Sometimes I succeed while others I fail.

At least when I’m down I can say I’m not the only one.

There are o...

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