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She paints pebbles with rainbows

And places them on walls

Poetry on larger stones

For others to find


It is a small act of kindness

Of acknowledging our plight

She takes the paints and daubs

Her handprint on a slate


All over the footpaths and walks

Her art is left to the elements

A bright sun shining

through dark clouds


the people wh...

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The Gifts

This was written recently by my sister who suffers from Alzheimers. I should not say "suffers" because she cheerfully accepts the different plane that it has set her on apart from the <normal> world. A very gifted author and poet the disease has cruely manifested itself by upsetting the language function of the brain, yet I find her latest works intensely moving and brave.



This now, i...

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The Last Night with Grandad.

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The sun bows, outside the window
Clouds don a shade of black.
In a dimly lit side room,
Bulbs flicker. Hope turns its back.
Clock hands stack the seconds.
Eyelids straining with the fear
That in the hollow of my dreams
You’ll disappear
With the wave of a gloved hand
Under a pristine white sheet.
I trace the wrinkles, map the dimples
Painted upon your fading face.
Until sleep seduces me

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Forget Me Not

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Forget Me Not


“Be grateful for the light”,

my mum would say.

I remember that

as if it were only yesterday.

“Because, without it

the dark will never go away

and what’s hidden in it

will be inclined to stay”.


I had a son -

but I forget his name.


someone like him came

to visit me -

but he was not the same,

because m...

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