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Words Of Wisdom!

[  ] Faith is believing something without evidence and that's dead.

[  ] Action must be taken to get upright, beyond or ahead.

[  ] Pursue or open your mouth because close mouths don't get fed.

[  ] And if you can't work physically then mentally use your head.

[  ] Get out the bed.

[  ] You're living & death is for the dead.

[  ] Awaken, breathe, meditate & let your o...

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The Pledge


If there were one among them that did not
call to the corner of my eye as if
the tiny show of tears provoked
should benefit them some way.

And if there were a darkness or evil 
so profound I could find rest within it
ceasing to see them, awake or asleep 
all the same, as I do.

If a reminder of the robin redbreast
or semblance of a last-gasp squirrel
athirst for the cause of all ...

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Work In Progress

Dressed In Easy Colours


Move on past the Black Horse, take the steps 
reeling right and left up the green shoulder.
You're in the woods best called "the real world".
Magical of course. Moss-carpeted trees
hollowed to join anon their blown over brethren,
upon whose crazy crumbled limbs you ramble.

In fact this green land that dips and swells
is but sleeping giants and dragons
and God knows what.
Progress ...

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Work In Progress

An Editable Feast


Silence seems to be practising on me
from that uncertain distance 
where the sky meets the sea. 
Looking so far without obstacle
I don't know what I perceive.
Is that the other bank of a vast river,
and how might things be viewed from there?

On a day like this great ocean is
laying foam upon the sands
awakening my toes way down there
miles above my head wide sky is
throwing halcy...

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That's one small step turned to stone,
a plinth for my reaching figure:

beckoning to one who isn't here
as one who isn't here beckons unto me.

One giant leap, and unpractised,
one size fits all I understand

say it over and over with
flowers, poetry, with moondust.

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Work In Progress


Perhaps I'm too exhausted to hear the words whispered upon the winds

Keep to myself, keep to myself,

Don't look, don't look,

Sores freshly ripened need time to heal, sticks and stones will break my bones

And words can shatter souls.

Not everything is about you

How would I handle denial of articles forged from my heart?

Keep to myself, keep to myself,

Don't look, don't look,...

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Mulling It Over And Over

     Aesop began mumbling a long time ago: 
"Determined to care
  f o r

rather than care  a b o u t"
     similarly, the Idiot Soldier who ran through Archemides:
"having come this far"
     Pliny The Elder:
"the public park in clement weather"
     then also The Younger:
"where I count the blades of grass"
     the Pied-Piper, if he ever existed, would surely add:
"I must count them"

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Love's Creature


       WHAT on earth is that in the mirror?
One day he sees a chained slave
the very next a crowned king
next day...who can tell the heart of love's creature?
       It is his truelove who keeps his heart
and she who shows wisdom 
putting by a little as seed-corn
where the grass is always greener
and no foot treads.
       There out of sight a spring pure
and clear begins to bubble

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Brexit Update (August 2017)


We view the prospect before us
with the uncertain mood of our weather clutching
all kinds of lucky charms in shallow sleep
we stormed away from the mainland
now all our fingers are crossed 
that we don't wake up up
to our necks in deep water

Our seers are forecasting like mad
but who can really see around corners
no-one here would like to 
find themselves adrift in a slo-mo crash

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Work In Progress



From here we can follow him outside, where it is a bright day.
It is the leaves on the trees that are like music in his mind.
He could dwell long on a few as heart-achingly beautiful.
There is a fashion for one shiny side and one dull.
Many gather together forming ever-changing phantoms.
A good portion of his view consists of shimmering leaves
but we know each and every one will not bea...

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Work In Progress

Work In Progress

This body is imperfect and flawed,
originating from earthly dust;
it houses a spirit searching to find
the one, true God in which to trust.

To see myself as Yahweh does,
requires mustard seed of Faith's leap
and to take tangible action
since people know that "talk is cheap".

Separated unto holiness
to accomplish His Purpose and Plan
while sharing the Salvation Message
is the whole...

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