Mulling It Over And Over

     Aesop began mumbling a long time ago: 
"Determined to care
  f o r

rather than care  a b o u t"
     similarly, the Idiot Soldier who ran through Archemides:
"having come this far"
     Pliny The Elder:
"the public park in clement weather"
     then also The Younger:
"where I count the blades of grass"
     the Pied-Piper, if he ever existed, would surely add:
"I must count them"
     and King Arthur, scanning the horizon:
"as essential or say"
     Our friend Job, of biblical fame, he sighs:
"I'd be happy"  while the Police say: "on the moon"
all them Kids entitled to free school meals say together:
 "on the grass ants like clones"
     Bernardette of Lourdes is on record thus:
"through the park railing townsfolk"
     the majority of Snow White's little friends have a word each:
"rush"  "all"  "ways"  "all"  "the"  "same"
     while Phil The Power Taylor's gardener goes:
"moved closer to the gate I find"
     tired Bingo Callers chant:
"the augmented and the diminished"
     Margaret Thatcher's better half whispers:
"each one walks with a confidence"
     the great scot David Hume never tires of pronouncing:
"that pavements never turn to custard"
     and Victoria Wood dreamt the Angel Of The North snapped:
"nor skies crack wide open" 
     the Brothers Karamazov intone as one:
"and my sadness feels global"
     the population of Ulan Bator sing like nightingales:
"desperate for such grand changes"
     all the Wimbledon Ball-Boys of 1999 chime in:
"yet fearing the worst"
     a Figure emerged from the mist of southend pier adds:
"in this best of all worlds"
     as a legless beggar cries:
"I return to square one"
     and the Newsreader ploughs onward:
"only all the more determined".


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<Deleted User> (13762)

Sat 9th Sep 2017 09:28

interesting 'work in progress' Adam and I will be interested to see where it might go next should you post a revision. Clever idea that indeed makes for much mulling.

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