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Ovid on the Covid

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Ovid on the Covid


In Augustus times Ovid wrote

many a poem about sore throats

He was truly inspirationally to a lad like me

I searched the library for this cononical poet

For yes he was one, if you did’nt know it.


I feel like Ovid myself now... banished in exhile

because of my ‘carmen et error’.


How I enjoy his elegiac meter and erotic themes.


I am re...

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That Tennyson

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“That fucking Tennyson.”
           I caught myself muttering
as I walked along. “Yes,
that fucking Tennyson,
           he can organise a sunset
and flake gold better than I can:
and Emily Dickinson,
           with her yellow children
           at the bars of a gate
closed by her sodding dominie in grey.
And Yeats!  That fucking Yeats
wags an ageing tongue at creation
and leaves me ...

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Mature Student

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This is no place for old farts. The rowdy lifts,

The noisy red canteens with food that should be free -

The wide-eyed girls with cool kinetic limbs

And youths with scraggy beards - none foresee

With innocent gazes still unmarked by time

How quickly failed ambitions come to be.

Caught in the amber of youth, all neglect

The minds where distant decades intersect.


A m...

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Mature studentYeats

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