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The Beast Beneath The Beck

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The Beast Beneath The Beck


The beck at Westgate End is full of weeds,

its water is a muddy shade of brown,

confused ducks die within anaemic weeds

as sunken shopping trolleys pull them down.

Sometimes you hear a cold slithering splash,

as though some ancient creature has slid in

to feast upon the centuries of trash.

Who knows what evils are contained within?



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Dragon's Nest

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Dragon’s Nest.

They huff and puff their plumes of heated breath
into an atmosphere already raw.
These earthbound dragons, guarding nests of death,
fighting for dominance with tooth and claw.
Their carbon offspring doze beneath their feet
or bleed out into nuclear decay -
a fair trade for their gifts of light and heat?
Perhaps we will regret that choice one day.

For what is this? A cha...

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Death Of A Poet / Anthem For Doomed Youth

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Death Of A Poet

The grey November sky has lost its light,
just one more boy has fallen to his death,
another lad who won’t survive the fight
or pass beyond this final exhaled breath.
Though many soldiers leave this war unheard,
their stories lost forever, never told,
this one will paint us pictures with his words
that will not lose their power or grow old.

A week beyond that fatal can...

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