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Narcissistic Lullabies

In the great winter night,

Opened skies scream to the willowed avalanches,

Where the people die mourning their loved ones.


Leaves didn’t fall that afternoon in december,

Nor did the bodies strung up on the desert floor,

Sand seeps into wounds and makes the blind cry for their mothers,


Fashioned in a new way to see the world go round,

I opened fantasy and mirror alike...

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Wind rocks my boat tonight,
Sitting on this bed I feel little more than whole,
The nausea creating holes in my fickle heart.

Father walks cold in the streets of Paris,
Back turned to me,
I wander further upon this ragged terrain.

Distant memories fading yet again,
For in the presence of men and wind,
My skin becomes fatal.

The very blood,
And foul.

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Everything self; Beneath the surface

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The trouble with learning to love yourself is this; All things positive "self" is more difficult to practice than the opposite our easily adopted negative self. Bad habits like self-doubt, self-hate,self-harm integrates into your life at such an alarming speed you wont even realize it until its too late, but then you do realize it. So begins a lifetime struggle to get rid of it. The process, unlik...

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