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My cluttered chaos is full

of every obsession I’ve ever met,

filled up in every safe place

and angular dark recess.


Furnished with retired vinyl,

CD’s and used up books. Featuring

the songs and subjects

that grabbed me with their tender hooks.


Memorabilia revealing

my secret space of dreams

with no dividing walls

and awkward ceiling beams.



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The Last Bus

It’s the end of the day

And It’s time to take the last bus home

I’ve travelled this road for many years

And when it comes to my final stop

I doubt if I’ll shed any tears

I’ll press the bell and slip through the doors

I won’t travel on that bus any more.


At the end of the day

Nothing lasts forever

Every winter gives way to spring

And it’s time to hop off the bus a...

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Retirement - Sunday

It's a lazy Sunday, with festival in view
To dance to the music and to see the parade
A favorite live band that will rock the crusade
As feelings of renew in the younglings breakthrough

To live past memories of concert adventures
With the brewing friendships that this brings for night's stay
Bopping along in crowds until the midnight way
And sharing the moments of the dancing ventures


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Retirement - Saturday

It's a nice Saturday, volunteering my time
To help out worthy cause that is dear to my heart
Giving back to my home, doing my lovely part
Feeling the warm passion in this act of sublime

As this generous act is rewarding enough
Making new friends from this is an extra bonus
Decorating faces without any onus
Towards a giving gift that is tremendous stuff

It's a nice Saturday, I am now re...

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Retirement - Friday

It's the Friday sunset, during my winter stay
Escaping cold weather to hot destination
For no more shovelling except beach creation
And the walking along in flowery bouquet

Enjoying the sunset perched over the white beach
Descending slowly down to expose the hot pink
Decorating the sky to sights that make you think
Inspiring the beauty to enjoy out of reach

It's the Friday sunset, I am...

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Retirement - Thursday

It's a Thursday I think, on this paradise trip
Out of the cold winter into this sunny place
Enjoying the culture, enjoying homely space
Seeing with my own eyes what others see as clip

Off to new found places, off of the beaten paths
As the local tour guide takes us for adventure
The splendor of this world in my peaceful venture
Taking the photographs for the thoughts aftermaths

It's a ...

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Retirement - Wednesday

It's Wednesday evening, heading out for a drink
Meeting a group of friends made of former colleagues
Retelling the old tales of government follies
As some still need to work, and leave early in sync

Enjoying the live band without a care for time
Another round for me, as I get a bit drunk
For tomorrow is now, and I'll be quiet monk
Sleeping in till midday as my head hurts in slime

It's ...

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Retirement - Tuesday

It's Tuesday afternoon, I go for a nice walk
Looking around at kids playing in the green field
And seeing older folks struggle driving a yield
But with no more worries of daily pavement shock

I'm going to movie for a midday discount
With any seats to choose with buttery popcorn
The film starts with action, no annoying teen thorn
As the silence of space and all words paramount

It's Tues...

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Retirement - Monday

It's a Monday morning, I get up on my time
Reading a newspaper or doing a crossword
Watching a tv show till my eyes are now blurred
And then a power nap as I prepare for prime

The big outing of day is a grocery trip
To get ingredients for a delicious meal
Home cooked with seasoning, everything with zeal
Selecting the right wine for a savour courtship

It's a Monday morning, I am now ret...

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The retiree

He goes for his morning walk,

with his ambling, enthusiastic gait;

he knows he’s lucky, and sunshine kisses his hair - 

not yet grey, barely greying. He of fortunate fate,

makes his way over the field, calmly,

unharmed, green grass nipping his heels, and late

summer flowers bow to him. The sheep watch curiously,

then defer to the master of the estate.


The children whoo...

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Camper Van


Another busy day, another busy week

There must be more to life than working week to week.

I’d like to jack the whole lot in and buy a campervan: I’d drive leisurely down to France and maybe even Spain

Nothing would be too much trouble, nothing would be a pain


Some days I’d have baked beans for tea or maybe fillet steak

And they’ll be days when I’m going far too f...

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