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What will we talk about after Brexit?

From Article fifty


Area fifty-one

A spaceship Invasion

Once Brexit

Is Done!

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Mixed Messages

It was reported in the news a few weeks ago that those people who use more emojis than words are sexier, going on more dates etc....



Him-You don't need to read this

I don't have to speak

Let me just send emojis

To make your knees weak

Showering you daily

With heart shaped kisses

Showing I'm the one

To fulfil 

All your wishes

I'm being so romantic

Never ob...

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Digital Disappointments

On hearing that Online Dating is now the most popular way for U.S couples to meet.....


True love has been 


Romance is Now


Your chance lasts


There's someone else

To click on

And as you plan

To meet

They've already

Hit delete

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D.I.Y An Unfinished Love Story

Because it's Bank Holiday Weekend in UK and some guys like to start D.I.Y projects but don't have time to finish them.... 


You don't send me nice

Curtains anymore

I guess that's why


Is blinds


Including my heart


Interiorly Designed

You put the

Pain in


Waiting for


Is like 

Watching it


I think



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Poetry jokes

Fucking Poetry


Well who knows what it is


It seems to me

It isn't merely making a statement 

And then retreating


I mean thats just lighting a firework

Isn't it?


Any way if I am wrong

The greatest line ever written

Must be


Fuck Off!


Which is not at all poetic




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