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A Martyr's Soliloquy on Independence Day

Ujjal Mandal, India, 15 August

   For shame ! for shame !
The beings are not freed
Even today from
The bloody chain as the
darkness from the night;
They are under the same umbrella
Of Ego and Animosity.
We liberated our motherland
And we gave the Demon countless blood

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We Have Had To Close The Door

We opened the door to freedom

We let them enter as they may

We denied not one single soul

Of freedom for it is they


Who came here to this country

Wanting to be free

And to build a better nation

Searching for equality


We never closed the door

To those who came to find

Freedom for their families

We were never that unkind


America was founded

By th...

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Oh, England,

you green and pleasant land,

your beauty never ceases to instil

a calmness in my hands.


A sense of peace; contentment

within my wandering mind,

a fulfilling feast for longing eyes

that seem always looking behind.


The golden greens of your pastures

covering long and rolling hills,

the succulent scent of your flowers

tickling senses to smile at...

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