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“But it’s not my fault”,

cried the mouse in dismay,

“I though I knew where I was

but appear to have lost my way”


Sat at the foot of my bed

with his hands under his head,

he tried through his tears

to relate what is here.




I set out early this morn

after nibbling on some corn

for my breakfast, on the cob is best.

I was raring to ...

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Absent Minded Mouse

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ABSENT MINDED MOUSE I once saw a mouse, Upon a dolls house, A sniffing and twitching his nose. I asked how he was, And he looked right across, And said, "Not too bad, I suppose". I asked, "Are you waiting, For someone or thing?". He sighed, "No, I'm lost, And it's a fine ding-a-ling!". Said I, "Can I help or show you the way. Where were you headed or going today?". He sa...

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A Mouses Tale

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A ​Mouses Tale But it's not my fault, cried the mouse in dismay. I knew where I was going, though it was far, far away. Sat at the foot of my bed, with his hands beneath his head, He tried, through his tears, to relate what is here... I set out early this morn, after nibbling on some corn, For my breakfast, on the cob is best. I was planning to go to "The Great Mouse Show". A long...

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