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London Bridge (Remove filter)


South on the map 

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A city were royalty base

Big Ben the clock 

10 downing Street mob

Fast living then this is your place

The rarest of sounds  

They got underground 

They busk to the beat of the trains

Night foxes roam 

The streets are now home

Upon primrose hill daisy chains

Rappers and chanters 

Camden stall banters 

A plate full the hung...

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No Flowers on the Bridge

Life's a game of take & give 
Just tell me how did it come to this? 
They walked their way into the abyss 
But I see no flowers, on the bridge? 

The laughs, the screams  
The night, far from your dreams 
A city bows as it continues to live 
But I see no flowers, on the bridge?

The sirens call and the thunders rolls
In a stranger, solace unfolds
How can your story ever be told?
But n...

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Our City Of Many Bridges


In 'our land', 
which retains its leafiness, 
despite how unseasonably 
a fine few are fallen.

Just beneath fury's fierce flame;
our city's many bridges
a metaphor for so much more
defiantly stand still.

I pray today, it's not just me
who hears them screaming silently
'To join together is our fate
we will not hate, we will not hate.'


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Keeper of The Heads

The smell is a fine one;
The death of a traitor
is always sweet
I feel the pulse of the cheers
echo through the city
when the mighty fall
or the wretched scum meet their end
Then they send the heads to me
Dipped in tar
Beautifully macabre
And I get to work
Proudly plying my trade
For there's a colour to my craft
and a heritage I'm proud to continue

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