Homeless Fly

I'm a homeless fly

destined to die

destitute on the sidewalk.


No cakes for me on the kitchen side,

no conspiring against humans with my bride.

Left jilted by the absence of bathroom jihad.


Everyone speaks of the house fly,

they speak of it as a pest.

But all I have is a piss-stained alleyway

to truly call my nest.


I subsist on sick and shit,

and though house flies may be hated.

To be acknowledged as something that truly exists

is not to be negated.


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Rachel Bond

Thu 12th Jul 2012 15:14

im glad to know that im not the only reader of faber. but not of late..or uni, but in my youth.

i am currently working on a 3d sculptural rendition of darko's Frank. The shadow self.

please refer to my disgraceful dog fuck bestiality poems if you dare.

they are NOT real. REPEAT. not real. notrealityjustpoetry...thanks for the reply mr. fly

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Sun 8th Jul 2012 17:06

Rachel I often wonder if it would be possible to converse with insects if you had a big house or a patio you don't use (I have the latter) and get them to all agree to stay in one room they can have for themselves but keep away from everywhere else since they get in the way. The worst one is if a fly lands in the bath whilst you're running it.

But at the same time as Mystique Wizzard suggested I did decide to take a look at the house fly and then imagine if a homeless fly were to exist by comparing a homeless fly to a homeless person. I studied the Faber Book of Beasts this year at Uni and I do like animal poetry even if it's not something I do a lot, I do have about a dozen animal pieces altogether.

Thanks for the responses guys xo

Rachel Bond

Sun 8th Jul 2012 15:17

i hate flies.
i hate them and i kill them.

I said this boldly once to a vegetarian buddhist woman...she said , 'ah, I see. you kill because you hate..' with a wist like watery eye.

i said, 'indeed i do lady. i kill all the flies for it is those that i despise' ;)

great poem ushki baby xx

<Deleted User> (10472)

Sat 7th Jul 2012 18:53

I find this poem very deep for behind its apparent focus on a fly, it is an allegory to a social condition! Perhaps many unfortunate humans go through a hell like this and even worse. Or it may simply be a take on a poor fly which is despised or dismissed by humans; but this let us see that all living beings are a part of creation and nobody has a right to decide on its life´s destiny. After all it doesn´t live long.
This stanza emphasizes on what I perceived: "I subsist on sick and shit,
and though house flies may be hated.
To be acknowledged as something that truly exists
is not to be negated."
Interesting proposition!!

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