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You know that if we prayed for each other
If we tried to do whats right
Lets say we didn't Hate one another
Nor overcome with pride
Freeing elevating our brothers
Getting clean from the inside
Sisters celebrating gracious mothers
That attitude has died
Dead and buried

We try to fix what was never broken
Creating cracks and then we mask them

Insane poet who's words aren't spoken

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Armour of GodExperiencing Godspiritual writing


Higher power protect me from they who have false visions
Help me guide them to make right decisions
Help them see the good in me
Open their eyes and help them see
Lord I'm trying to give them my gift
And when they are low their spirits I'll lift
Annoint my beloved and help him to trust
and free his tarnished mind from lust
For all of my intentions are pure
Void out indecisive guide him be...

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LightprophecyteacherpreacherExperiencing God

The Old Man with the Beard

I’m the old man with the beard

Who lives in the sky

I am the universe

And the universe is me

I’m the man who sees everything

I’m the eye in the sky


I can see everything in ten different ways

And I gave the names to seven different days


I can see things big and I see things small

And no matter where you are

I can hear your call


There are some who reve...

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Experiencing Godgod

Poem: Experiencing God

Experiencing God directly, is the way to go –
Be submerged in His Spirit, under His heavenly flow.
The lighted path to absolute freedom and peace
is accomplished from following Jehovah’s method of release.
The keys to Life’s issues are written in The Word;
open up your soul so the message can be heard.
God’s plan for your life will be ultimately revealed,
provided to Him you submit and your...

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breunigchristian poetryExperiencing Godfaithpoetry

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