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A lesson that I Taught



I Teach!!

I taught...

Here's a lesson that I taught...

I had this lesson. It were ace in my mind!

The planning was tight, concise, well timed


Going into the room - my stage

Put on the teacher face, the act

(My phone is buzzing but I don't react)


Lights, camera, action! You're on!


"Hi guys! Come in, unpack your things!"


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I'm a right softy me


I'm a right softy me,
I long to write something cutting
Something head butting
But it comes out like puppies, teddy bears or bubbles
If only I had some attitude
I could say something really rude
Oops sorry, Just slipped out
I don't swear much, me
Well, I do in my head,
In my head, I've got clout.....
I don't eff ...

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Cutting edgy swearing

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