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entry picture

Feeling really bad

very sad

Wish I could hold

my tongue

Leave judgement

to the man above


Trying to learn how

to balance this all

Too much on my plate

don't want to hate


When to talk

and when not

Is a talent I need

to hone in

Prefection is a goal

not a reality

Is anyone perfect?


Time for chocolate

and a good movie...

By L...

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The Chocolate Poetry Club

entry picture
I am delighted to take up the position of poet in residence at The Chocolate Poetry Club in London. It is exciting to be part of what is happening in Camberwell, which I know will be bubbling over and beyond. Many thanks to all Chocolate Poetry lovers and to Paul for believing. xxx

Hello friends of CPC,

Over the next few months we will be makin...

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Eggsciting Easter

I'm eggshausted and eggsasperated -
I shouldn't have eggspected less
But in fact it's eggsceded my worst eggspectations
I've had too many eggs - eaten to eggsess
I'm not one for eggsageration
I prefer to be eggsact
But, I'll eggspound and eggspress myself further
For some sympathy, I wish to eggstract

Well, I took some advice from an "eggspert"
An eggstravigant egghead, called Ed

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Easter Feaster

Roses are red?

No they're not!

They're an assorted mix bag of browns.

Cocoa, caramel, mocha and mousse.

Tasty truffles a treat for the tongue,

not just for Easter

but all year long.

Buy em on Easter Monday if you're skint

reduced price,

full taste,

eat my body weight in Lindt.

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come live with me

in a chocolate house

with a chocolate cat

and a chocolate mouse

there’s a chocolate garden

and a chocolate path

we’ll drink hot chocolate in our chocolate bath

the roof will be made of Toblerone

the windows made from lollypops

we’ll have a Milky Bar telephone

and a chocolate trolley to take to the shops

we’ll have After Eigh...

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