Jib the road, dodge the cars,

blue lights scream, nee naw, nee naw.

The Dibble say there's been a robbery not far

from here, round the corner. A guy saw


two lads running away down the lane.

They took us in the car to the spot.

Hot, confused, we panic, give false names.

The guy said " No, these are not


the ones. But Dibble says " You're arrested."

and drive us a long way to the local  nick.

They took our clothes and trainers to get tested,

I lost it, got mad, aimed a kick


at the cell door with a frustrating shout

" I'm 14; we fucking haven't done anything,

we fucking told you where we where,let us out."

Kept us in through the night, 20 hours waiting,


till they decided we were right

and was nowhere near the scene.

Tommy's mum told 'em " That night

they stayed here, evidence is on the CCTV screen" .



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Fri 13th Jan 2012 13:54

Yes - I suppose once you get a label it can be very hard to escape from it and so easy to get caught up in trouble if you are kicking round the streets. I can remember my lad getting caught up in trouble when I first settled back in Wigan. It didn't get as far as the police, but it was close. A horrible moment for me cos I thought it signalled the birth of a delinquant son. Luckily it gave him a big enough shock to stop him from loafing round street corners!

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Laura Taylor

Fri 13th Jan 2012 10:05

Powerful piece Mike and the vernacular you've used shows your experience, I think

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