Maternal Beacon

Mother, every breath shared.

Every step a hop, skip and a jump,

to keep touch, to keep in front.

As you guide young eyes

through misty forests, where nothing sleeps

and hungry wolves wait for

lame ducks and lost sheep.


Wanderers stray and lose their way.

But patient anchor waits,

anticipates their return with a firm hand,

open arms and a warm heart.


Radar waves not goodbye

but pulses unbroken,

no boundaries known,

no words spoken.


Maternal beacon shines

beyond galaxies shores

and pours out love

in the stars secret code.


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Ray Miller

Thu 1st Mar 2012 17:44

Nice homage, Mike, opening 3 lines I liked a lot. I found the last verse a bit baffling - beyond galaxies shores and the stars secret code. Maybe just Beacon would suffice as the title?

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Laura Taylor

Tue 28th Feb 2012 14:04

Lil typo - should be 'their', first line second verse.

Good continuity of signalling metaphors, and I like how her love extends into galaxies.

Should that be 'pores' though, or 'pours'? It could well be pores in that she emits it, she oozes it from her pores.

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Mon 27th Feb 2012 14:28

This is beautiful Mike. I couldn't possibly explain how it resonates for me x

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