Quarry Man

(This is based on 57 Beatles titles.)


A day in my life doesn't come cheap,

when your ticket to ride is opposite

a nowhere man.

Who looks as though he's been dragged

through a hedge backwards

from some Norwegian wood.


As the rain bounces down

and steams up the window of dreams.

I think of yesterday

when all my troubles seemed so far away.

I sink into my thoughts

and drift across the universe to escape

this madman.....Doctor Robert

next to me.


Who's mumbling.....Hey!

you've got to hide your love away

and your mother should know.

What a wierdo!


I'm so tired, I close my ears

and sail into I'm only sleeping mode

and recall my memories to forget

I'm down, I'm really down.

Cos I need help

to get back on track

to the long and winding road.


I feel like a day tripper, working like a dog,

eight days a week.

Backwards and forwards

fixing a hole in Blackburn, Lancashire

with only Maxwell's silver hammer,

having just enough time to say

tell me why? and hello goodbye!


I sigh while my guitar gently weeps

and think.....don't be the fool on the hill.

Start a revolution, open the door

and get off this magical mystery tour.


Because.....this boy's been thinking.


Girl, I want to tell you

from me to you, hand on heart.....

I should have known better!


I know money can't buy me love.

That's why I call your name,

I'm in love!

So, when I get home to you

please hold me tight.

Cos, I want to hold your hand.

No more Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

No more jammin'

with Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

I wanna be your man!


So, it won't be long dear Prudence,

cos we can work it out.

Look, here comes the sun,

all you need is love.

Don't worry I'll keep you satisfied

with all my loving.


So, please please me,

like I please you.

Please love me do,

please let it be.


We can come together,

just the two of us

and live in strawberry fields forever.


And.....Oh darling.


P.S. I love you!

The End.



The Golden Vision ►


<Deleted User> (6315)

Mon 23rd Jan 2012 21:26

I too enjoyed listening to your performance Mike..I lost count of the tracks mind.. :)

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Dave Bradley

Mon 23rd Jan 2012 17:26

This performed really well, Mike - ingenious, it worked a treat.

Are you going to post that one about the Golden Vision?

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