Poetry Blog by keith jeffries (Oct 2020)

True North

True North


We often sublimate ourselves

to conform and meet the

expectations of others

We aim to please but seldom ourselves

always others

Life can be spent in such a charade

which brings damage and no joy

We must enter into our inner selves

to face reality and come to

accept the truth of our identity

to do so with courage

The real me and the real you


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People Watching

People Watching


I watch

I observe

I look

I search for clues and tell tale signs

for places of origin, fashion, and demeanour to find

I probe

I compare

I analyse

I evaluate all I see and more besides

I speculate on the minutest detail which may reside

I ponder

I fantasise

I desire

to see behind the veil which life affords

to discover what is discret...

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The Curtain Falls

The Curtain Falls


A dull twilight atmosphere of greyness prevails

Suspended between night and day

Winds gently buffet the branches of failing leaves

As a perpetual drizzle saturates the sodden earth

It is time to sleep, to rest as even autumn is now spent

Fading green leaves with red and yellow edges about to fall

As if flags are lowered at half mast

A chill which find...

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November is here

November is here


This quiescent mist which envelopes

the landscape

An inaminate veil as a blanket of


Heralds the onset of shorter days

and longer periods of darkness

Into this stagnant gloom we reflect 

on death as nature falls dormant

A time of All Souls and of Remembrance

An apt climate choreographed for a

season of meditation

Hibernation and lo...

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I love him for his innate vulnerability

so I can massage those florid areas

of soreness to restore

confidence and bring healing

I shower petals of affection on his

trembling inner self

where darkness and doubt lie

in an abyss of inbred fear

His spontaneous outbursts of love

are fountains of intense colour

I am forever intrigued by his

evolutionary proc...

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Blessings Abound

Blessings Abound


We have many blessings which we seem to

know nothing about

Should we know them with real joy

we would shout

We know little of the hell of war

and starvation is far too far

We have an abundance of food

and clothing

There is little left to stimulate

any loathing

Good fortune and money line our

pockets with wealth

There is little need for s...

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A Dusty Road

A Dusty Road


Blown into eternity

the end has no formality

no significance to speak of

Reduced to mere dust

we are scattered into

a universe of particles

to be at the will of

the winds that blow

We will have left no impression

no remains 

but dust thinly scattered

Celestial debris

of no significance

What was it all for?

Caught up in the

draught o...

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The Dinghy of Hope

The Dinghy of Hope


Floundering in perilous seas

above an ocean's grave

clutching children

clutching each other

starry skies

A lunar beacon

grey heavy laden waves

a swirling ocean

Gripped by fear

prayers gasped

Water sodden clothing

a chilling wind

Dawn comes

as a lover returns

hope, a touch

more prayers

another day

Perhaps good fortune


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An Account

An Account


Seas of complacency

refuge of many 

foot weary and hapless

to swim the surface

albiet briefly  in tranquility

A wave breaks

chaos is King once more

scattered in confusion

no flowers in 

purple tulip vases

Empty carriages

with fine horses

await on cobbled streets

echo misery

A plummet to 

new depths

in iron clad walls

down throug...

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The Eternal Void

The Eternal Void


Dark and light wrestle in the vine

steps down to oblivion

Floundering in obscurity

bowels and bowels of nought

Surface light yearns

a fluidity sways the spirit

Tranquility holds fast

walls encompass security

Outside ambivalence 

to the perennial

The womb is home

speculative comfort

Before the neon lights

and depravity in


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A New Horizon

A New Horizon


The boat has been moored for months

fearful we have left her to be

No knowing the seas that lie ahead

as so many suffer and others are dead


Our lives have been turned upside down

needs and wants have been rearranged

Often we don't know which way to turn

but as times passes a new life we must learn


No longer are we able to kiss and hug

to s...

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The Ecclesiastical Empire

The Ecclesiastical Empire


A city of basilicas adorned with wealth

Art treasures occupy every niche

Their magnificence is overwhelming

An expression of beauty adornes even their lintels

Candles flicker before statues and icons

The prayers of the faithful on their knees

The poorest invariably give more than they can afford


Domes, cupolas and stained glass

The fra...

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Mendicants Slumber

Mendicants Slumber


In the light of day when the city is bright and free

they roam in dead earnest to sell or simply be

A diminished identity cries for recognition

a job or some longed for and much needed ambition


People know who they are and from where they come

they are but as parts of an eternal sum

Their eyes cannot conceal defeat and dismay

as they search for ...

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