After the Cabaret - impending doom

HAfter the Cabaret - Impending doom


Outside we heard the distant dark rumblings

in the clouds of impending war

Inside we were oblivious to such a world

as we danced, drank, smoked and made love

Darkness was at the outer limit of all horror

as we procrastinated in luxury and self indulgence

Our heads were buried in the sand as we sipped cocktails

and flirted outrageously

Life was for love and living not to be dissipated

on futile struggles

We danced carefree and happy for today we lived

Tomorrow's horrors still thundered on the horizon

as the night reached its crescendo

Only dawn with its chilling light would intrude

Face the other way for all its worth

enjoy, make love and then we die

The consequences were irrelevant

and unalterable

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keith jeffries

Thu 19th Nov 2020 22:47

Martin, Stephen A and Aisha,

Thank you for reading and commenting on this poem.
It is very kind of you and an encouragement for me.


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Martin Elder

Thu 19th Nov 2020 22:11

I love the sheer poetry of you work Keith as much as I do your chosen topics. Which may seem a strange reference but sometimes we can get so caught up in what is being said that we lose out on the expression of the words. Your work never disappoints.

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