A Mysterious Warmth

A Mysterious Warmth


I heard a knock on the door

Two men stood there, simply dressed

We looked curiously at each other

"Are you warm?" one of them asked

"Yes"  I replied, "on the outside"

"But of your inner self" came the response

"I feel nothing here", as I touched my chest

"Come with us to a warmer place" was their invite

We left the house together

The front door ajar

We walked for some distance

For some considerable time

Along highways and byways

passed familiar landmarks

And well known faces

Then we arrived at a house with a large room

A fire was burning in the grate

Sumptuously furnished I lay on a chaise longue

"Are you warm now?" they enquired

"Yes thank you", I replied

"Ring the bell if you need anything". 

Then they left me there

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Rose Casserley

Wed 4th Nov 2020 23:16

Surreal and spooky food for thought Keith.

Great read!

Rose 💋

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Brian Maryon

Wed 4th Nov 2020 20:59

Perhaps a dream, perhaps a subliminal message re the afterlife. Either way an enigma Keith which has hooked me and others.

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kJ Walker

Wed 4th Nov 2020 19:59

Tha should o ' put t'wood it t'ole before wondering off with em. But I'm glad that you managed to get a warm bi t'fire.

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 4th Nov 2020 19:15

Stephen G has already said what I was thinking.
A little mysterious gem.

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 4th Nov 2020 17:19


I think the title says it all. This is a beautiful narrative with a real (or perhaps unreal) sense of mystery, perhaps even menace.

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