True North

True North


We often sublimate ourselves

to conform and meet the

expectations of others

We aim to please but seldom ourselves

always others

Life can be spent in such a charade

which brings damage and no joy

We must enter into our inner selves

to face reality and come to

accept the truth of our identity

to do so with courage

The real me and the real you

No beating about the bush

Acceptance, toleration or rejection

are unimportant

We should not aim to please

but to live a life of honesty and integrity

The alternative lies in a multitude

of addictions and escapes

to our ultimate downfall

We are who we are

and should proclaim it

Good souls and kindred spirits

will gravitate to us

Yea, even God will come and

make His home with us

The regrets of old age are the

scourge of youthful denial

Stand up now and be counted

Honesty is the best policy

The truth will set you free

so today enable yourself to be

who you were intended to be

Nothing more and nothing less

will do

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jennifer Malden

Mon 2nd Nov 2020 15:28

So true Keith, but few people realise this, or need for various reasons to keep their real self hidden, so' spend their lives in a charade', as you so cleverly point out. Great writing, and advice to take to heart.


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J.D. Bardo

Thu 29th Oct 2020 14:37

Keith, this poem speaks right to me, I shall take this poem to heart. to live life this way, from my Demons, I may depart. A guiding star you are, "True North. thank-you. J.D.

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Rose Casserley

Thu 29th Oct 2020 14:28

; Stand up now and be counted' the epitome ( as always in situations like this ) of what we should do but, most times do not.

Keep the well-written reminders coming, Keith!

Rose 💋

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 29th Oct 2020 13:09

Self-acceptance is the way to find peace of mind and patience with
the prejudices of others. Lucky are those who find it early in life.
But any time for it in life is better than no time at all.

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