I prefer to call it house arrest

as it is fast becoming an endurance test

Now we suffer human deprivation

an unbearable and intolerable condition

The pubs are now out of bounds

but the milkman continues his daily rounds

I go shopping wearing a bandit's mask

which makes the business more of a task

My glasses steam up and I collide with others

and on one occasion failed to see my brother

If I want to smoke my pipe in peace

I am let outside on a long leash

Neighbours view each other with suspicion

and wave from inside their own prison

We blame the Prime Minister of our nation

for this calamitous situation

But I look further afield to find

what the Chinese Communists have in mind

Is this a form of biological warfare or 

for them a deal at the next trade fair?

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keith jeffries

Thu 19th Nov 2020 22:45

Rose, Hugh, Paul, Ruth, Bon, Stephen G
Abdul, Stephen A., Aisha Zushka, Summer and MC.

thank you for taking the the time to read this poem and to comment on it. I appreciate this enormously.
Thank you


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John Coopey

Tue 17th Nov 2020 08:16

Personally, I think we should all be given a dose of it and then asked which we prefer.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 16th Nov 2020 18:27

It must be a real test of endurance for many, I'm sure. I spent a
career watching over "the public" from apart and have no problem
coping with what is asked of me in retirement. I get more than
enough company from what I see on TV (increasingly less as time
moves on and the same old MSM stuff is pushed out). My next
venture outside (after checking the car late last Sunday) will be to
the dentist for an afternoon session in a few days. Personally, i'd
rather not have to bother. These things always seem to happen at
the most inconvenient times, don't they?
As for these intrusions on our lives - Russia had Chernobyl and
China had Wuhan. Two huge countries hardly known for saying
"It was me, guv" !!. So many problems affecting health arrive from
"the east".
P.S. My niece complains of fogged spectacles out shopping - so it
seems a common problem to add to the irritation!!

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keith jeffries

Mon 16th Nov 2020 18:05

Sorry Stephen G. I cannot accept this, not from a dictatorship which re educates muslims in concentration camps. Nefarious deeds not cock ups occur when dealing with totalitarian regimes. Remember Hitler and eugenics?????

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 16th Nov 2020 17:18

Great poem, Keith, although cock-up usually beats conspiracy. Interesting reading, though.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 16th Nov 2020 16:59

Keith, we missed the boat way back then, we should have brought shares in a charcoal manufacturing company. 😉

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 16th Nov 2020 15:48

I agree with you Keith it's getting hard to believe this situation is what we're led to believe it is! Well expressed in your poem.

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 16th Nov 2020 15:46

👏same wavelength Keith. I was expecting the Chinese Government to, miraculously, find a vaccine & sell it to the world ! Obviously a bigger agenda ensues ...

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keith jeffries

Mon 16th Nov 2020 15:30


I cannot but think that there is something more sinister afoot. Without a declaration of war, an already hostile nation, has ruined the economies of most nations in the world and killed hundreds and thousands of people with few casualties of their own. With this in mind we seem ignore any possibility of foul play and regard this as a genuine natural disaster. I believe this is a man made epidemic by those hungry for power in a world where the USA is no longer in the ascendancy. NBC nuclear, biological and chemical warfare suits were issued to the British Army in the 1960's to my personal knowledge. We were well in advance of out time.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 16th Nov 2020 14:19

The amount of social unrest around the Globe is growing as millions of people come to doubt the official line more and more Keith.

Poor old Boris locked down again.
Even he has to play this silly game.

Masks as much use, as the useless test.
People rioting, more and more unrest.

London like a ghost town
Shops emptied and boarded up
Still, the lies the people will sup.

A stiff upper lip, the good old British way
Doing as we are told, day after day.

The BBC complicit, to perpetuate the doom
Broadcasting each day ensures we stay entombed.


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