A New Horizon

A New Horizon


The boat has been moored for months

fearful we have left her to be

No knowing the seas that lie ahead

as so many suffer and others are dead


Our lives have been turned upside down

needs and wants have been rearranged

Often we don't know which way to turn

but as times passes a new life we must learn


No longer are we able to kiss and hug

to show affection can create more woe

We are more isolated than ever before

even when we look back on the world war


History will forever be our guide

humanity takes everything in its stride

Plagues, fammines and wars take their toll

it is all part of life's pay roll


We need to navigate afresh

the boat must again embrace the seas

I shall stand at the stern and steer

stay not too close but I shall be near


To be overcome and brought low

is a test of our resilience to know

That no virus or other assailant can be our demise

if we use our ingenuity to survive


For those who party and think they are immune

to those to create political capital out of misery

You epitomise the age of the complaining and selfish culture

the virus will your selfish bubble puncture

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Stephen Atkinson

Sat 10th Oct 2020 08:32

Thoughtful, beautifully stated and true (as are all your poems) 👏

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