The Ecclesiastical Empire

The Ecclesiastical Empire


A city of basilicas adorned with wealth

Art treasures occupy every niche

Their magnificence is overwhelming

An expression of beauty adornes even their lintels

Candles flicker before statues and icons

The prayers of the faithful on their knees

The poorest invariably give more than they can afford


Domes, cupolas and stained glass

The fragrance of incense

All are sentinels or outposts

of the Church's grand empire

A power to be reckoned with

A self appointed moral barometer

Courted by royalty


At sunset their doors are closed for the night

Outside on the steps vagrants and immigrants

wrapped in paper and cardboard

try to sleep with empty belllies

and little hope of mercy

"The poor you will always have with you"

◄ Mendicants Slumber

A New Horizon ►


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Paul Sayer

Thu 8th Oct 2020 18:23

Hello Keith. I am becoming more and more disillusioned as the day's pass. I am glad I did not witness that in Rome first hand.

Your account sounds aweful Keith, I hope it did not spoil your time out.

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keith jeffries

Thu 8th Oct 2020 16:03

I shall be bold and controversial. The Institution of the Church and the European Union can go and fly a kite for all they are worth. Good riddance to both.

Keith Jeffries

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keith jeffries

Thu 8th Oct 2020 16:00


Thank you for your comment on this poem which I wrote having recently spent a week in Rome and a few days in Venice. My poem probably plays down what I witnessed but the reality is stark. My poem Mendicants who Slumber is also based on what I saw on most nights in the eternal city. I was angered to put it mildly. There in the midst of Rome which is the principal church of the Faith; Italy a country in the EU and yet I saw thousands begging and sleeping rough. Some resorting to crime as they picked the pockets of tourists. Throughout the city warning notices advised people of the dangers posed by the immigrants and vagrants, but I saw not one single notice asking for charity donations to provide them with shelter or food.

Thank you again

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Paul Sayer

Thu 8th Oct 2020 12:09

Tear down the doors!

I will stay calm and not write out loud how I really think and feel.

Being less refined and a lot less reserved than you Keith, you have expressed my emotions well enough.

My rant and torrent of expletives would be removed by the mods.

As we all know, there is NO hope of mercy from the upper echelons of ANY organised religion... Never has been, never will be!


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keith jeffries

Thu 8th Oct 2020 08:30


Thank you. I don't for one moment place all the clergy or the faithful under one roof. From personal experience I know of many good and hardworking clergy who are true to their vocation. It is the Institution that I challenge, who claim to represent Christ, and to stop thinking they have a monopoly on God.

Thank you for reading this

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Brian Maryon

Thu 8th Oct 2020 08:18

Lower down the chain I know that many clergymen help those in need, but I agree Keith...the hierarchy are the same as all other hierarchies.

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